0915: Hand-off report received by anesthesia. Oropharyngeal airway (OPA) in place. Surgeon reports client might need a dose of oxymetazoline for bleeding.
Modified Aldrete score of 6. Client on blow-by oxygen, significant jaw thrusting support needed to maintain patent airway. Warmed blankets applied.
Vital signs: T 97.2°F (36.2°C), P 90, BP 100/67, RR 16, pulse oximetry reading 94% on blow-by oxygen

0925: High-pitched inspiratory breath sounds, grunting, and gurgling noted. Health care provider notified.
Vital signs: T 98.1°F (36.7°C), P 94, BP 101/56, RR 16, pulse oximetry reading 92% on blow-by oxygen

The nurse is managing the client’s airway and coordinating interventions with the charge nurse.

For each potential intervention, specify if it is indicated or not indicated.

Potential intervention:
Provide oxygen therapy via a mist tent: Indicated or Not Indicated
Administer racemic epinephrine: Indicated or Not Indicated
Notify the health care provider: Indicated or Not Indicated
Administer albuterol: Indicated or Not Indicated