1. A newborn client has developed hyperbilirubinemia.  What is the treatment for this newborn complication?

2. A nurse is delegating tasks to an assistive personnel to complete. List two (2) factors the nurse should consider prior to delegating a task.

3. A registered nurse (RN) at the beginning of the shift is delegating tasks to the licensed practical nurse (PN).  Identify three (3) tasks that the PN can be delegated to complete.

4. A nurse is teaching the parent of a preschooler about how to administer eye drops. List the steps of eyedrop administration.

5. A nurse is caring for a child newly diagnosed with a peanut allergy. List three (3) common manifestations of a food allergy.

6. The nurse is conducting a teaching session at the health department with a community group about foodborne illness. List two (2) points the nurse may include when teaching about foodborne illnesses.