1. A nurse is preparing to administer an IV bolus of verapamil.  What is an important consideration to reduce adverse effects when administering this medication?

2. A client is taking alprazolam for generalized anxiety disorder.  The nurse is reviewing medication information and potential interactions prior to discharge.  Name two (2) medication classes that interact with alprazolam.  

3. The nurse is performing an admission health history in the preoperative area of an ambulatory surgery center. What client finding would indicate a potential latex allergy? 

4. The nurse is providing discharge teaching for a client who had an amniocentesis. What are three (3) teaching points the nurse should include?  

5. A nurse is caring for a client with a wound that is not healing.  The provider has ordered an aerobic wound culture and initiation of cephalexin.  In what order should the nurse carry out the provider’s order?

6. A nurse in caring for a 2-year-old client with an infection of the gastrointestinal system.  List four (4) expected findings of severe dehydration.