1. Have student answer the following questions in short essay
○ Discuss how you would assess for an infection in your patient. (List key manifestations of infection)
○ What is the number one way to prevent infection? Explain your answer (rationale)
○ What is one way in healthcare we attempt to control and prevent the spread of infection? ( explain your answer)

2.Have students create 2 documents
o One for questions
o One for answers with rationales
• Have students create NCLEX style questions based on materials that they are currently learning
o Can include
▪ Select all that apply
▪ True or false
▪ Multiple Choice
▪ Fill in the black
• Questions need to be the students original ideas not premade questions from the book
• Have the students share their question with the group periodically and let the students practice answering the questions. Then have the students in a group discuss the answers