1. Review the Nurse Practice Act of state of California.


  Compare California that to state of Nevada and New Jersey that have different practice authority.


  1. Introduction (including purpose statement)
  2. Compare and contrast between California, Nevada and New Jersey.
    • Nurse Practitioner definition
    • Practice authority (collaborative agreement, independent, restrictive)
    • Scope of practice (functions APRNs may perform)
    • Licensure requirements
    • Prescriptive authority and requirements to attain DEA number
    • Education requirements
    • Certification requirements
  3. Future of APRN practice
    • Please discuss current bills or legislation that support full practice authority in the state of California
  4. Full Practice Authority
    • Identify at least one research study (primary source) that supports the following statement: “APRNs with full practice authority benefit society and health care system”
  5. Conclusion