1- What are the advantages and disadvantages of home visits in community nursing?
2- Compare the nurse-client relationship at home with the nurse-client relationship in the clinical setting.
3- How can safety be promoted for the public and community health nurse?
4- Why use the family perspective in community public health nursing?
5- How do families differ? How are they similar?
6- What is family case management?
7- What methods and tools are used when estimating individuals, subsystems, the family as a unit, and the family in its environment?
8- How do you determine priorities in family nursing?
9- What is the possible outcome of the evaluation phase of the nursing process?
10- What characterizes a family whose members are unable to meet their basic needs or maintain optimal levels of health?
11- What guidelines can a nurse use in the search for strategies that are effective when offering care to families with multiple problems?
12- What goals would be realistic and appropriate for a family with multiple problems?