1. When a client is undergoing systematic desensitization therapy, what would the nurse evaluate to determine if the therapy is successful?

2. A nurse is caring for a client with COPD that has been prescribed theophylline. List two (2) signs of theophylline toxicity that should be reported to the provider immediately.

3. A nurse is caring for a client receiving continuous enteral feeding via an NG tube. List three (3) findings the nurse will review to determine if client’s nutritional support is effective.

4. When a three-way indwelling catheter is placed, what is the purpose of this drainage system?

5. Phenytoin is a medication that has teratogenic risks to the fetus.  What Pregnancy Risk Category is this medication?

6. The nurse is caring for a client receiving magnesium sulfate for pre-eclampsia. What are three (3) signs of magnesium toxicity and what actions should the nurse take if magnesium toxicity is suspected?