1323 Pnur mental health Mrs smith suicide case study

This week in clinical Mrs. Smith made some concerning comments about wanting to end her life. As nurses we must know the warning signs to watch for, assessment of risk level if warning signs are identified, and possible interventions that can be implemented to aid in keeping the client safe.
1. Read through the Important Suicide Information. What did you learn?
2. Identify and list any warning signs that Mrs. Smith may have exhibited. Be specific… what did you see in the recording that was a red flag?
3. Based on Mrs. Smith’s statements how would you rate her suicide level.
4. What information in Mrs. Smith’s history would contribute to her increased feelings of sadness and hopelessness?
5. Mrs. Smith has been hospitalized following a suicide attempt, is placed on suicide precautions on the psychiatric unit. She admits that she is still feeling suicidal. What is one of the most appropriate interventions in this instance?
6. What are five common symptoms of depression?
7. List interventions that can be implemented to help keep Mrs. Smith safe.
8. Identify two treatments available for depression.
Mrs. Smith was evaluated by the psychiatrist. Escitalopram (Lexapro) 10 mg daily at bedtime is ordered.
9. What special instructions will you give to Mrs. Smith regarding Lexapro?
The following question not related to this scenario, but is related to depression.
10. Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is a possible treatment for depression. Describe what occurs with ECT and the nursing care during pre-procedure intra-procedure and post-procedure care of a patient receiving ECT.