2. The nurse is teaching client a t a community center about the cycle of violence that occurs in abusive relationships. Which of the following statements should be included in the teaching?
• “The cycle of violence is completely preventable.”
• “In the tension building phase the abuser assaults the victims”.
• “The honeymoon phase is the longest phase of the cycle of abuse”.
• “The victim often feels that are responsible for the tension building phase.”

3. The nurse is screening a client for intimate partner violence. Which of the following statements by the nurse would be the most appropriate?
• “I am required by law to ask you about abuse “
• “I am asking these questions because I suspect that you are being abused.”
• “I ask the following questions to all clients because violence is common.”
• “I was told that you are probably experiencing abuse.”

4. The nurse developing a pamphlet about breast self-examinations (BSE) to be distributed at the community health fair. Which of the following information should be included in the pamphlets?
• Changes in breast symmetry should be reported to your healthcare provider
• Visualize the skin texture of the breast while lying down
• Feel for lumps in the breast while wearing a supportive undergarment such as a bra.
• Expect a mild increase in breast dimpling as you age.