A 45-year-old female is admitted to the acute-care medical-surgical floor for abdominal pain.
History of present illness:
A 45-year-old female is admitted for abdominal pain. The client reports pain in the right upper quadrant that worsens after meals and sometimes induces vomiting. This has been present for the past couple months but has recently gotten worse. The client endorses vomiting several times before coming to the emergency department.
Body mass index (BMI) 36.
Hypothyroidism: onset at the age of 42
Surgical history:
Social history:
Lives at home with spouse and two children ages 10 and 13
Regular diet Denies regular exercise
Speaks Spanish and English
Did not graduate high school
Home medications:
Levothyroxine 50 mcg daily
No known drug allergies (NKDA)
The nurse is assessing the client.
Which finding(s) should the nurse be immediately concerned about? Select all that apply.
Inaccurate client answers to questions
Thin, yellow-green vomit
Body mass index of 36
History of hypothyroidism
Positive Murphy’s sign
Blood pressure 150/86 mm Hg
Level of education