A 90-year-old female, a resident of a long-term care facility, was admitted to the hospital with a severe decubitus ulcer on the right buttock described as a stage three pressure ulcer. The patient also had a small chronic ulcer on the right heel, currently limited to the skin. Additionally, the patient has generalized atherosclerosis in both extremities. Treatments for the skin conditions were an excisional debridement of the skin of the heel and an excisional debridement into the muscle of the buttock. The wound care nurse closely monitored the patient after surgery and gave detailed instructions to the nurses at the long-term care facility who would be taking care of the patient after discharge. The patient was transferred back to the Long-Term Care facility. The wound care physician and nurse would visit the patient in the long-term care facility within one week to monitor the healing of the pressure and chronic ulcers. What are the 3 ICD-10-CM codes and 2 ICD-10-PCS codes?