A nurse who uses critical thinking in the decision making process to provide effective quality care to individuals is known as:
Question One

The nurse practices nursing in conformity with the code of ethics for professional registered nurses. This code:

Improves self-health care
Protects the client from harm
Ensures identical care to all clients
Defines the principles by which nurses provide care to their clients.

Question Two

Evidence-based practice is defined as:

Nursing care based on tradition
Scholarly inquiry embodied in the nursing and biomedical research literature.
A problem-solving approach to clinical practice based on best practices
Quality nursing care provided in an efficient and economically sound manner.

Question Three

Nursing practice in the tweny-first century is an art and science that is centred on:

The client
The nursing process
Cultural diversity
The health care facility

Question Four

One of the following acted to decrease mortality by improving sanitation in the battlefields, which resulted in adecline in illness and infection.

Dorothea Dix
Lilian wald
Clara Barton
Florence Nightingale