A registered nurse (RN), a licensed practical nurse (LPN), and an assistive personnel are caring for a group of clients. The RN asks the assistive personnel to check the pulse oximetry level of a client who underwent a laminectomy. The assistive personnel reports that the pulse oximetry reading is 89% on room air. The client has a prescription for oxygen at 2 L/min for a pulse oximetry level below 92%. The RN is currently assessing a postoperative client who just returned from the postanesthesia care unit. How will the RN proceed?

Ask the LPN to obtain vital signs and administer oxygen at 2 L/min to the client who underwent laminectomy.
Complete the assessment of the new client before attending to the client who underwent laminectomy.
Ask the assistive personnel to notify the provider of the low pulse oximetry level.
Immediately go the client’s room and assess vital signs, administer oxygen at 2 L/minute, and notify the provider.