Address the negative aspect each reported. Explain how the situation could be improved. Please share experiences you may have had in improving a work environment or culture. I believe a healthy work environment would be a team full of acceptance and openness. An environment that allows nurses and staff to do their job to the best of their ability with resources and personnel. Where people are not afraid to communicate about problems and everyone has each others back in hard times. An environment that is not “nurses eating their young” but full of support and encouragement. Lee Cockerell was the Executive Vice President at Disney and he has spoke and written a book on leadership and treating the people you work beside with kindness. A useful acronym he used was being a COACH, which stands for Care, Observe, Act, Communicate, and Help. (Cockerell, 2008, p.124). He also mentions RAVE, which stands for Respect, Appreciate, and Value Everyone. (Cockerell, 2008, p. 35). I feel that everyone not just managers and leaders should follow these when interacting with others in the work place. My workplace is really good at achieving this. My director and other leaders are always there for the team and in situations I need help I find them there with me. I know I can communicate concerns I have about the unit, people, or anything! My leader encouraged me to continue with my education and allowed me to swap from full time to part time, so I could focus on school.

Having a healthy workplace and positive culture is very important for the team to thrive. Nursing is a challenging profession and it takes a team to deliver the best quality of care. I know I could not make it without my patient care techs, I appreciate respiratory therapist when they assist with my patients, physical therapist and occupational therapist are a blessing helping the patients get stronger and work on getting back to their baseline.