Analyze the main reasons why persons would attempt to conceal such an event which could possibly lead them into receiving criminal charges themselves.

Suicide and Elder Abuse

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1. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) identified suicide as a common death investigation within the United States. In some instances, family members attempt to hide the fact that the person took their own life. Analyze the main reasons why persons would attempt to conceal such an event which could possibly lead them into receiving criminal charges themselves. Recommend at least one (1) action that the law enforcement could take in order to investigate such a suicide crime.
2. The National Center on Elder Abuse indicates that seniors are the fastest-growing population in the United States. It is apparent that as this populace becomes more physically frail, they are seemingly a greater target for the unscrupulous to take advantage. Discuss the main reasons why abuse of seniors is recognized yet usually goes unreported. Next, suggest one (1) action that citizens or family members could take to reduce elder abuse. Provide a rationale to support your response.
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Knowingly and willingly helping someone commit a felony in most states and this is a reason why the suicide may be concealed. When someone commits a suicide, it is fully investigated and the evidence will point to what type of crime it is.Some family members will conceal a suicide for insurance purposes because some insurance policies will not pay out for a suicide. Some will conceal a suicide out of embarrassment of the family because maybe they didn’t know how troubled the person was, didn’t see the signs or just didn’t care. Anger is another reason because they are too angry at the person to admit that it was a suicide or even come to terms with what has happened. Guilt plays a role as well, because they couldn’t help the person or prevent the suicide. Law enforcement could do a full investigation into the crime and interview all persons involved and aware of what happened.
Elder abuse is a very sensitive and hard subject or me to speak on. My moms passed away on July 14, 2014. She was in a nursing facility because of her illnesses and disability. I thought that she would receive better care in the facility than I could’ve given her. I constantly visited and popped up at the facility so that they would know that I was always aware of my mother’s care. I found out a month before she passed that a CNA threw her in the bed and broke her ribs. They hid what happened from me and my sister and by the time my mothers told us, they had fired the CNA and wouldn’t reveal her identity. My mother ended up having some broken ribs. I’m currently working with a lawyer for a lawsuit against the facility. With this horrific experience, I fully think that the reason why the abuse of seniors goes unreported is because most of the time the facility there does not want to get in any type of trouble, risk a lawsuit and or lose their funding. The person receiving the abuse may feel ashamed or be afraid to report the abuse and it continually goes on. I tried to make my presence known and be more diligent in her care, but the abuse stil occurred. I feel as though it you know someone that may be absued or suspect any type of abuse, speak up for them, Get them help and be their voice. Remove them from that situation.