Assignment Topics

1) Investigate the Parents Without Partners Website ( to determine whether there is a chapter in their community.
• Discuss what services and supports are offered.
2) Research websites to see whether there is a genetics expert in your community.
• Discuss what patients they encountered in their practice.
3) How would you communicate differently with a 5-year-old child versus a 15-year-old teenager?
• Explain your answers and include the rationales.
4) When you were a child, do you remember being treated for pain?
• How was the pain managed?
• If you have children, have your children ever been treated for pain? How was the pain managed?
• Do you feel that your childhood pain or your child’s pain was taken seriously? If you had been the provider, what would you have done differently?
.• Discuss how pain in children is not taken as seriously as pain in adults. • Examine the reasons for this, such as inadequate verbal expressions by the child. Provide references please