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Eugene Shaw Monologue Script My name’s Eugene Shaw but everybody calls the Gene. I was born on
May 21 in Cleveland, Ohio. I am FIE-years old and live with my wife Nancy. We have a son, Robert Shaw
who is 5?. He lives about 50f! miles away with his wife and they come to visit us fairly often.

Can you help me to answer the following question about the Eugene Monologue script:


1. What evidence do you hear that may be indicative of depression?

2. How can you assess Eugene’s baseline functional status?

3. What coping strategies does Eugene use?

4. Who are Eugene’s support system and how can they help him?

5. What evidence of anxiety do you hear as Eugene talks?

6. What are Eugene’s strengths and weaknesses?

7. What else do you want to know about Eugene?

8. What is your impression of Eugene’s relationships?

9. What are the appropriate nursing interventions?

10. Develop a health teaching for the patient and his family on the ff

a. During admission

b. Upon hospital discharge