can you revise this: I am a proud member of the Mexican culture. My parents immigrated to the United States 30 years ago and they shared with me the experiences they had during their journey and how difficult it was for them to acculturate to America. I am so grateful to be an American citizen who carries Mexican blood because I get to incorporate both cultures significantly into my life every day and it is what helps me move forward and continue to help myself and others. For a Mexican, family holds immense importance and our families provide emotional support, financial assistance, and a sense of belonging. Especially during the times we only had each other and were overwhelmed with the American culture. Growing up, we were constantly reminded that we did not belong here and that we must return to our country. During difficult times, our families provided us with the emotional support we needed to get through the day and continue to work hard to achieve our dreams. Family gatherings strengthened the bonds and create a space for families to come together to share everything with one another. In my culture, collectivism trumps individualism and decisions often consider the well-being of the entire family. These values have stayed with me and they are what provide me with strength. They are what allow me to appreciate my family and cherish every moment I get to spend with them. My family has taught me the true definition of respect, dignity, and honor. Mexican families are loyal to each other and they support each other through the best times and especially through the toughest times. I carry these values and I can apply them to my career and my education. I come from a family that works as a unit and it has taught me to understand what it is to be team-oriented.