Chloe Bentz, an 18-year-old female client diagnosed with premenstrual syndrome (PMS), is at the clinic for client education. She kept a menstrual diary over the past 2 months,noting that she is symptom free between the beginning of her menstrual cycle and ovulation. The rest of the month she has a steady weight gain, frequent headaches, nervousness, and bouts of depression. She has abdominal bloating, tenderness of her breasts, and swelling of her hands and feet. Her mother states that her daughter has extreme mood swings nearing the time of the period. The physician ordered progesterone, noting that the client has no heart valve defects, history of deep vein thrombosis, and does not smoke. The client and mother request the LPN/LVN to provide instructions on ways to decrease the PMS symptoms.

(Learning Objective4)

a. Discuss how progesterone may help the client with PMS and using a drug handbook, explain what client instructions are needed.

b. What nursing management is needed for the client and what specific instructions should the nurse provide?