Conduct formal interview with a working health care professional. • Write a paper summarizing the interview. Instructions: The student will interview a professional from any healthcare related technology.


Assignment #1 – Interview Assignment Purpose: • Learn how individuals in the workplace use medical terminology (CCC 7) • Practice following instructions for preparing formal academic papers. (CCC 1, 5) Assignment: • Conduct formal interview with a working health care professional. • Write a paper summarizing the interview. Instructions: The student will interview a professional from any healthcare related technology. It is strongly recommended that the student chooses to interview a professional from a technology that the student may plan to pursue; however, that is not mandatory. After the student completes the interview process, the student will write a summary of that interview. The summary should be at least two pages in length. The main objective of this assignment is to explore and determine the level of importance understanding medical terminology, in both its written and oral forms of communication, has regarding the interviewee’s position and how it directly relates to the interviewee’s daily responsibilities. The student must obtain written approval to use the interviewee’s name and any of their responses for the summary. The assignment must be typed. Examples of topics that should also be covered include: • What is the interviewee’s specific title • What were the interviewee’s necessary educational requirements and/or “shadowing” opportunities • How did the interviewee become interested in this specific career, or field of technology • What are the interviewee’s daily responsibilities o Are there any special duties that the interviewee may be asked to perform • How the interviewee may interact with other health professionals • Is the interviewee satisfied with the interviewee’s career choice and would the interviewee influence others to pursue it Most students will interview a friend or relative. It is recommended that if the interviewee is a stranger that a public area is selected to conduct the interview. The interview should be conducted in a professional manner. A phone interview is acceptable, in which case, consent from the interviewee may be directly e-mailed to the instructor. In this case, please have the interviewee include the name of the student in the email. Submission: On the due date, after making any necessary corrections, submit a printout of the summary with a printout of the “Interviewee Consent Form” and a printout of your self-scored “Grading Rubric” attached. Interviewee Consent Form Interviewee’s name: ______________________________ Interviewee’s professional title: ______________________________ Interviewee’s e-mail address: ______________________________ Date of Interview: _____ / _____ / _________ I, ______________________________, hereby give ______________________________ authorization to use my name and any personal or professional information obtained during this Delaware Technical and Community College sanctioned interview for the student’s assigned project. I believe the student conducted this interview in a safe and professional manner. If necessary, I may be contacted for verification purposes, by the student’s instructor, at the above referenced e-mail address. ______________________________ Signature of the Interviewee GRADED REQUIREMENTS: SUMMARY (60 points) • Summarizes the interview (not a trans?r?pt) • Includes a clear and substantive des?r?ption of the subject’s general duties and any special duties (not a list – identify and describe) • Includes subject’s use of medical terminology in the workplace • Written in the student’s own words • Minimal quotations (no more than 10%) LANGUAGE (20 points) • American English, using correct sentence structure and mechanics • No colloquial, slang, or e-communication terms CONSENT (10 points) • Used the “Interviewee Consent Form” • Completed, signed and dated by the interviewee FORMAT (5 points) • Title Page • Student’s name • Due date • Course title, section and current semester o Example: BIO100 – 451 – Fall 2015 • Body • Interviewee’s name and title • Summary of interview in standard “5 paragraph essay” format o Introduction o Supplementary paragraph “A” o Supplementary paragraph “B” o Supplementary paragraph “C” o Conclusion • Attachments • “Interviewee Consent Form” • Self-evaluated “Grading Rubric” TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS (5 points) • The summary is prepared in Microsoft Word • The summary is a minimum of 2 pages in length • The line spacing is double-spaced • The font type is Arial, Cambria, or Times New Roman • The font size is 12-pt • The margins are all 1 inch