Demonstrate professional and social responsibility as an associate degree nurse by assuming responsibility and accountability for quality of nursing care, maintaining continued competency, adhering to ethical, moral and legal standards of professional nursing practice and promoting a positive image of professional nursing.


Develop a comprehensive assessment, teaching plan and care plan utilizing the Nursing Assessment Booklet and concept map.  Select one patient that is in need of comprehensive care.  Develop a plan of care that extends past discharge and into the community.  Incorporate the consideration of responsibility and accountability for quality of nursing care, and adherence to ethical, moral and legal standards.  Utilize the clinical forms within the class.  


1.  Identify how the development of this comprehensive clinical assignment promotes a positive image of a professional nurse. 


2.  How does completing this assessment address the social responsibility of an Associate Degree nurse?  


3.  Discuss the importance and methods of maintaining continued competency for the professional nurs