Describe evidence-based interventions and modifications in nutrition therapy that can positively influence the outcome of disease and illness.


Food Journal Guidelines
Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to acquaint the student with analyzing one?s own nutritional intake and exercise routine. In turn, the student will be able to teach others how to modify their diet, increase their exercise, and become healthier overall. An examination of a self-journal will provide opportunity for the student to change their health and wellness behaviors.
This assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcomes:
? CO#1 Assess whether nutritional intake provides basic nutrients for optimal health and wellness. (PO#1, PO#2)
? CO#2 Describe nutritional needs for optimal health and wellness throughout the life span. (PO#1, PO#2)
? CO#3 Discuss the psychological, sociological, economical, and cultural implications of food on nutritional status. (PO#1, PO#2)
? CO#4 Describe evidence-based interventions and modifications in nutrition therapy that can positively influence the outcome of disease and illness. (PO#1, PO#8)
1. Create a food journal and record daily food intake for three weeks. (Weeks 2, 3, and 4 of the course).
2. Also, record your daily exercise or activity for the same time period.
3. After the first 2 weeks, analyze your diet according to the recommended daily requirements found on MyPyramid to obtain a personalized food guide. You will keep a 7-day food record and compare what you ate to those of the recommendations in your personalized MyPyramid guide. Then, make recommended changes based on your findings. Continue to collect data based on the new meal plan for one week during the remaining time period.
4. Write a professional paper that reflects your diet analysis. Discuss modifications you have made based on the course learning as well as the modifications needed to improve health through changes in diet and activity. See details below.
5. When submitting your document to the DropBox it will automatically submit the document to Turnitin. Please review the originality report and make updates as needed. Submit your final assignment to the DropBox prior to the due date. The final assignment listed will be the one graded.
1. To record and analyze your food intake and daily exercise for Weeks 2, 3, and 4, go to:
a. Track your progress using ?Super Tracker, found at:
? Create a profile here, and track your progress!
? Nutritional information may be found using the Food-a-pedia.
? Document your information here (on Super Tracker), you can also print reports and track your progress.
2. Analyze your diet and exercise based on the first 1 to 2 weeks of your journal.
3. Calculate your ingested Kcal from fat, protein and carbohydrates from weeks 1 and 2, and compare with week 3, after you have made dietary and or activity modifications, if any.
a. Use the formula in your text to calculate your ideal BMI (Table 10-1, page 206 of your text). MY WEIGHT IS 164, HEIGHT 70 INCHES 24 Where should you be?BMI of 24
b. Use food-a-pedia (on Super Tracker), to calculate all nutrition values of the foods you ate.
3. Write a professional paper using nursing and allied health literature, in addition to your textbook.
a. Use APA style throughout the paper including properly formatted title page, citations, and reference page.
b. Spelling, grammar, and organization are important and will be graded. Your document must be free of spelling errors. Use correct sentence structure, word usage, and medical terminology.
c. References must be current and web references must be trustworthy.
d. Paper must be at least 2 pages, not including title and reference pages.
6. Questions to be answered are as follows: Analyze the first two weeks of the journal.
a. What was your daily calorie intake compared to the recommended?
b. What was your intake of fat, sodium, and cholesterol compared to the RDA? Was it higher than it should be?
c. What nutrients did you eat in inadequate amounts?
d. What nutrients did you eat in adequate amounts?
e. What was your activity level? Do you need to increase or decrease it?
7. Create a new plan for a healthy diet.
a. What are your three worst dietary habits? Why?
b. What are your three best dietary habits? Why?
c. What do you need to change (increase, decrease, or keep the same) of these nutrients?
i. Calories