Describe the data collection approach you would use including getting informed consent and how you would protect the confidentiality of participants.

Data Analysis Approach Discuss a specific data analysis strategy you would use in your replication study in an undergraduate psychology program. Cite a specific researcher s strategy such as Hatch Miles and Huberman Bogden and Biklin or Saldana.
Week 7 Assignment
You will analyze four transcribed interviews by inductively coding the data and developing themes. This will be a miniature version of what coding a large study would be like.
Perform the following tasks to conduct the analysis:
Code the data: To analyze the data you must first identify categories or themes that appear in the data. To accomplish this do the following:
Read the transcript of each participant s responses and identify words that strike you as important. Mark the words in some fashion (highlight circle bold underline).
When you recognize words or phrases that appear frequently make note of them. That is circle or highlight them in the text.
After reading all participants responses review the words/phrases you marked or wrote down and identify a short list of useful codes. See Table 1 below.
Collapse these codes into four or five categories or themes and name them. See Table 1 column 2 below.
List the categories or themes and substantiate them with quotations from the online focus group participant transcripts. See Tables 2 and 3 below. You could put all of these in one table or you could use a table for each theme and provide several examples of quotes in the right-hand column for that theme.
Present your results in a table (below) formatted according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide located in the Student Success Center.
Identify your coding process in an appendix (an example is included in the Appendix below).Task 1: Code the transcript as described above and color code the transcript using a color for each key code. Do this in Word.Task 2: Create a codebook.
Code Definition of the Code Example From Transcript
Task 3: Create a table of words or phrases that appear frequently. Display as shown in Table 1.
Table 1Words or Phrases that Appear Frequently
Word or Phrase Notes on the Words/Phrases Notes on Emerging Themes
Write down the word(s) or phrase(s) here. For example do they appear in a transcript of one particular interview or do they show up in several interviews If they show up in several there is a pattern that cross-cuts individuals.
You might want to state
Name of participant/page number of transcript (if that seems to make sense). As you review the list of words/phrases in column 1 and see some patterns you can name the patterns. Collapse the repeating words/phrases into 4-5 (or whatever seems relevant) themes.
Write down the words or phrases here.
Keep writing down many words/phrases that appear frequently until you have written them all down. Task 4: Based on Table 1 and your coded transcript create a table based on Tables 2 and 3. Create a table for each theme.Table 2Inductively Developed Themes
Theme Examples of Quotes From the Transcripts
Put the name of the theme here. Put a quote here that represents the theme
Place additional examples of quotes for this theme in each cell in this table.Table 3Inductively Developed Themes
Theme Sample Responses
Name another theme. Provide a quote that exemplifies this theme.
Provide another quote here.Note: You would put notes here if needed. See pages 130-131 of your APA manual. Write-up the Results
A research report is not complete without a written summary of the research findings. To complete the research report follow the instructions below and include the components outlined. Include the table and the chart you have created to show the data graphically/visually.
Discuss the background information and the fact that this study was modeled after a study conducted by Clark and Springer in 2007. Discuss the data Clark and Springer collected and their results. Then discuss how your mock or replication study conducted in an undergraduate psychology program will add to these results.
Sample discuss who participated in your study.
Instrumentsdescribe the structure and purpose of instrument you used: the IHE (the interview transcript).Data Analysis