Describe the most important Ethical theories and principles that must be at the fore front of medical practice / decision making and why.

There are several controversial topics discussed in the course texts that are currently the cause of ethical concern and are projected to have a great impact on the future of health care. The topics include but are not limited to Cloning, Abortion, Reproduction, Physician Assisted Death, Long Term Care, Competency, Rationing, Domestic Violence, Inequalities and Inequities, Disaster and Planning Response. As an aspiring Health care professional you will be exploring the issues surrounding these topics and the effects on health care reform.

In your Power point you must:

  • Select a topic to explore
  • Provide background on the topic and explain why this is currently a controversial issue in healthcare(views and rationales from a broad perspective – for, against and possibly undecided).
  • State your current position on this topic as an educated member of the moral community (include your personal belief as supported by your culture, religion, life experience etc.).
  • Analyze the projections for evolution in the future and why this topic will remain a source of concern (consider advancements in research and technology).
  • Discuss how this would impact you as a Health care provider?
  • Professional Development and in-service for current Health care providers.
  • Possible training for future Health care personnel.
  • Propose changes in Hospital Ethics Committee (HEC) roles and responsibilities
  • Describe the most important Ethical theories and principles that must be at the fore front of medical practice / decision making and why. (Based on your opinion)
  • Explain current policy related to this issue and recommend changes if necessary.
  • Considerations for insurance and Health care reform

In this Power point you will address all of the aforementioned bullets. This Power point must exhibit correct grammar, punctuation, and APA format. You are not required to present in class however you will be given the opportunity to share your work to add to the body of knowledge attained by your colleagues.

Extra credit points will be awarded to students that volunteer to share Power point with the class. Points are for thorough content, creativity in the presentation and correct use of APA format. You are required to have 5 references and your references should be from peer reviewed articles, textbooks, and credible Internet source.


For your presentation, you should have a minimum of 15 slides (Excluding Title and Reference Slides) and a maximum of 20 slides (Excluding Title and Reference Slides). *Note: title slide and reference slide are required but they are not including in the slide count*.

Organization: -Choppy and confusing; format was difficult to follow; transitions of ideas were abrupt and seriously distracted the audience -Somewhat organized; ideas were not presented coherently and transitions were not always smooth, which at times distracted the audience -Presented in a thoughtful manner; there were signs of organization and most transitions were easy to follow, but at times ideas were unclear -Extremely well organized; logical format that was easy to follow; flowed smoothly from one idea to another and cleverly conveyed; the organization enhanced the effectiveness of the project. Points: /20pts

Content Accuracy: – Completely inaccurate; the facts in this project were misleading to the audience -Somewhat accurate; more than a few inconsistencies or errors in information -Mostly accurate; a few inconsistencies or errors in information -Completely accurate; all facts were precise and explicit. Points: /10pts

Research: -Did not utilize resources effectively; did little or no fact gathering on the topic -Used the material provided in an acceptable manner, but did not consult any additional resources -Adequate utilization of researching; utilized materials provided to their full potential; solicited more than 3 types of research to enhance project; at times took the initiative to find outside material. -Went above and beyond to research information; solicited material in addition to what was provided; brought in personal ideas and information to enhance project; and utilized more than 3 types of resources to make project effective Points: /20pts

Citations: -No way to check validity of information. References and citations are not seen -Sometimes copyright guidelines are followed and some information, photos and graphics do not include proper citation format. -Most sources of information use proper citation format and sources are documented to make it possible to check on the accuracy of information. -Sources of information are properly cited and the audience can determine the credibility and authority of the information presented. All sources of information are clearly identified and credited using appropriate citation format. Points: /10pts

Creativity: – Little creative energy used during this project; was bland, predictable, and lacked “zip” -Added a few original touches to enhance the project but did not incorporate it throughout -Was clever at times; thoughtfully and uniquely presented. -Was extremely clever and presented with originality; a unique approach that truly enhanced the project Points: /20pts

Presentation Mechanics: – Was not organized effectively; was not easy to follow and did not keep the audience interested; no use of visual aids -Was at times interesting and was presented clearly and precisely; was clever at times and was organized in a logical manner; limited variety of visual aids and visual aids were not colorful or clear -Was well done and interesting to the audience; was presented in a unique manner and was very well organized; some use of visual aids -Was engaging, provocative, and captured the interest of the audience and maintained this throughout the entire presentation; great variety of visual aids and multimedia; visual aids were colorful and clear. Points: /10pts

Writing Mechanics: -Errors in spelling, capitalization, punctuation, usage and grammar repeatedly distract the reader and major editing and revision is required (more than 5 errors seen). -Spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors distract or impair readability. -The text is clearly written with little or no editing required for grammar, punctuation, and spelling. -The text is written with no errors in grammar, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling. Points: /10pts TOTAL POINTS = /100pts