Discuss nurse practitioners providing birth control services to the society at risk of inner city youth


For this assignment I do not want a generic, broad sweeping discussion. I would like you to select ONE SPECIFIC ASPECT of advanced practice nursing and then provide a detailed discussion of how you institution policy, public policy (i.e. legislative statutes) and social programs impact on how advanced practice nurses practice. (And please, not 22 discussions regarding controlled substances!)

I need to include the references
As an example:
If I were to discuss nurse practitioners providing birth control services to at risk inner city youth I would address:

1. Public perceptions and attitudes regarding birth control services including how inner city ethnic populations may interpret a middle aged white man providing said services

2. Existing legislative and proposed legislative limitations on birth control services

3. Policies my current employer has regarding providing these services

4. How the ability, or inability, to provide these services impacts on the community I am trying to treat.

Hope this example helps. To make this more relevant So you pick a topic that you are interested in or passionate about.