discuss the follwing plan with a peer

????Pharmacologic Intervention: Initiate antihypertensive medication to manage blood pressure; consider calcium channel blockers, ACE inhibitors, or ARBs given mixed-race background. Pain management with gabapentin, pregabalin, or opioids (Carey et. al, 2021).
????Non-Pharmacologic/Alternative: Encourage lifestyle modifications, including dietary changes (low sodium diet), regular exercise, stress reduction techniques, and smoking cessation if applicable (Carey et. al, 2021).

????Provide education on the importance of blood pressure management and potential risks of uncontrolled hypertension, especially given the history of spinal stenosis.
????Discuss the need for regular healthcare follow-up and monitoring of blood pressure to prevent complications such as stroke, heart attack, or heart failure (Carey et. al, 2021).
????Offer information on lifestyle modifications and resources for support, including dietary counseling and smoking cessation programs.

????Collaborate with patient to establish a plan for blood pressure management, including blood pressure monitoring log, medication adherence, and lifestyle modifications.
????Arrange follow-up appointment to monitor blood pressure and adjust treatment as needed.
????Consider referral to primary care provider or hypertension specialist for ongoing management and comprehensive healthcare support

Encourage use of TENS unit, deep breathing techniques, imagery, praying, and other distractions for pain management (Komann et. al,2019).