Drug precipitates -when incompatible drugs come into contact with each other, a chemical reaction can occur resulting
in the formation of precipitate (crystals). A specific agent to help unblock an occlusion caused by
precipitates may be prescribed.
Prevent by checking drug ______________ and label each lumen for specific infusion and flush lumen
after use
If catheter pulls out: cover the site with ____________________ dressing and place patient on _________ side in Trendelenberg position. Stay with patient while colleague calls HCP
Keep the dressing (or bandage) clean, dry, and secured to the skin. If it gets wet or torn, ____________ it right away. Do not put lotions or ointments under the dressing.
Unless otherwise instructed, you can resume your normal activities such as school, work, exercise (except ______________ and _________________________), and sexual activity. Avoid strenuous work like lifting objects more than ______ pounds.