Endocrine disorders
What side effects may be seen in a patient who underwent a Thyroidectomy with parathyroidectomy?
What mineral deficiencies may be noticed when the parathyroid has been removed?
What treatments are used in the acute phase of hypoparathyroidism?
What are the signs of a thyroid storm?
What are common symptoms of Grave’s disease?
What is a common cause of Addison’s disease?
What lab test would be ordered if Addison’s disease is suspected?
What patient education is important when discharging a patient with Addison’s disease?
What side effect may present in patients with SIADH who have a drop in sodium levels?
What assessment finding would the nurse expect in a patient with SIADH?
What is a common cause of SIADH?
What education would the nurse want to share with a patient who has Diabetes insipidus?
Which disorder would be suspected if the provider ordered a fluid deprivation test?
Why is the Semi-Fowler position important to maintain after a Hypophysectomy?
What complications can arise from a hypophysectomy?
What is an effective treatment of a goiter?

What are classic signs of Cushing’s disease?
What is the difference between Trousseau and Chvostek signs?
What side effects would the nurse want to share with patients who are prescribed Synthroid?