Evaluate the level of anxiety (escalation) within the scenario and assess and discuss the nurse’s de-escalation of this;
within self, of other role player


1. Assessment task 2

Assessment Title Group DVD and Interview Evaluation
Task Description Both parts of the assessment will be completed by a group of three (3) students. Each group of three students will produce a DVD of a ‘role play’, a filmed debrief of the role play experience and a written report analysing the ‘Therapeutic Use of Self’ demonstrated within the DVD role play.


Scenarios will be provided in the week 1 tutorial. One student will play the nurse, one student will play either a patient or another nurse, and one student will debrief both role players on camera. The finished DVD product will contain both the role play and the debrief of both role players.

The DVD is a demonstration of students engaging in a professional role play and as such, you need to ensure that you have researched your role prior to doing the role play. For example, if you are playing the nurse role in an organ donation scenario, you need to demonstrate sufficient organ donation nursing knowledge to meet the needs of the scenario. Remember to include these reference materials in your reference list.

If you are playing the other role, such as a patient or family member, you need to role play their perspective and therefore some reading on their experiences in the context of your scenario is required.

If you are debriefing the role players, you need to demonstrate that you understand the purpose of debriefing and the role of the debriefer, therefore you need to do some research on debriefing to guide your actions. The debriefing section of the DVD will show the debriefer conducting the debrief of both role players. Remember to also include
these reference materials in your reference list.

All group members will be expected to participate in the DVD production and the group will be judged on the final product. The group will present the DVD to the tutorial group. Following presentation of the DVD to the tutorial class, there will be a class discussion on the topic within the role play.

All students in each production group will be awarded the same mark. (If groups find that any member is not fully participating this should be drawn to the attention of your tutor or the Subject Coordinator immediately – don’t wait until presentation day).


The role play of your DVD is to be evaluated and analysed in a written report. This is to be a comprehensive evaluation of the theories and evidence that guided your therapeutic actions within the role play (references required to support the evidence). This is a 2,500 word piece of work that contributes to 40% of your grade for this subject
(DVD is 10%). On Moodle for this subject, there is an ‘interview evaluation and analysis’ guide for writing your report.

Note: the report should be the work of the group and all members are required to contribute equally to the writing. Include a reference list.

Marks will be awarded for the accuracy and thoroughness of the written analysis and will have no connection with how good or bad the actual DVD and role plays are judged to be. Refer to the marking guide on the subject Moodle site for details of how your work will be assessed.

Assessment Due Date As determined in tutorial class

Return Date to Students On release of end of session results

Weighting 50% (DVD 10% and written report 40%)

Assessment Criteria PART 1:DVD – 10% Lighting, sound, costumes, background/setting, attention to detail, acting

PART 2:Written report- 40%
Content 90 %
Sentence & paragraph structure, spelling, grammar, referencing, organisation 10%

Referencing Style Author – Date (Harvard)
A summary of the Harvard system can be accessed in the online guide on the Library website
Submission DVD to tutorial teacher on day allocated of presentation & written report via electronic drop box on eLearning (MOODLE)
Subject Learning Outcomes Assessed A, B, C, D, E, F, G

Interview Evaluation and Analysis (for DVD written report)
Begin your evaluation with a brief introduction describing the purpose of your role play, for example, to examine a particular area of practice (e.g. boundaries, dilemmas, sexual safety, etc) and a statement from evidence that defines why it is important.

Area of practice is open disclosure
1. Clarify the aim or purpose of the interview?
2. What needs did the client demonstrate and how did the nurse identify the causes and features of the situation?
3. Explain the introduction strategy used.
4. Describe the pace of the interview.
5. Provide examples of open-ended or closed questions.
6. Evaluate and discuss the use of self-disclosure.
7. Explain and evaluate the closing strategy.
8. Discuss and provide examples of where the nurse listened attentively to understand the problem and evaluate the effect of this.
9. How did the nurse identify and show understanding of the client’s feelings?
10. Discuss any significant non-verbal messages;
a. from the client
b. from the nurse
11. Evaluate and discuss boundary setting.
12. Evaluate the level of anxiety (escalation) within the scenario and assess and discuss the nurse’s de-escalation of this;
a. within self
b. of other role player
13. Explain how client needs were identified and provide examples of strategies suggested.
14. Explain the way in which evidence was used by the role play group to understand the experience and to inform the role playing.
15. Summarise the strengths and areas for improvement.
16. Explain the choice of debriefing process, describe the aim of the process and evaluate the effectiveness.
Conclude the work by summarising what the group has learned from the experience with regard to the therapeutic use of self.