Explore all aspects of therapeutic process and critically evaluate their thinking, treatCBT Approaches: Counselling in Practice.

explore all aspects of therapeutic process and critically evaluate their thinking, treatCBT Approaches: Counselling in Practice

Essay: Using a Case Study (with a DVD recording of the session that must be handed in), students will explore all aspects of therapeutic process and critically evaluate their thinking, treatment plan and interventions. 50 minute recording, 3500 word critical review of the session

1.Demonstrate a deep understanding of counselling processes
2.Demonstrate a greater degree of competence with regard to their therapeutic interventions (to a standard that is professionally acceptable)
3.Facilitate the formulation of effective therapeutic alliances with clients
4.Successfully identify therapeutic goals and formulate (and carry out) an effective treatment plan.

This is a College case study DVD scenario, for 5o minutes. Y x-partner is back in her life they have a daughter. She feels that he’s jealous because she’s got a new partner. When Y daughter was four she had injunction toward her x and now her daughter is 8yrs old, he’s blaming Y for not been there in he’s daughter’s life, forgetting that in the past he didn’t even show in the court that’s the reason why Y won the injunction against him.
He recently contacted Y because he wanted her to drop the child support which Y did. He rings Y wanting to apologise for all the wrong he’s done in the past. He asks Y if she can drop off their daughter to come & see him, Y had to make long four hours journeys to & from. Y feels that her x doesn’t respect women. Even if she’s dropping their daughter with him he’s demanding that she must pick her up at night, which Y feel that he should be dropping her back. Y’s daughter refuses to call her x dad & refuse to ask him anything. Their daughter will speak to the dad like a stranger.
HE treats their daughter like a boy wrestle with her she doesn’t like the way he plays with her, he said that he want her to toughen up she’s always winging. Going to he’s house she’s always crying and clinging to Y, sometimes Y have to stay to keep peace. Y a doesn’t understand why their daughter is so anxious around her own dad.
He’s now becoming consistent he come to her house and drop their daughter at her nursery , Y is scared that he’s going to play daddy for 5 months and disappear , when he have a new partner he dismiss he’s children, when he’s alone and lonely he picks up he’s children, he’s got 4 children, Y said that there’s more.
He can’t play daddy to all children he picks the one’s he’s getting along with the mum. Now that he’s got a new son he’s seeing both but as soon he stop talking to either mum, he’s going to stop visiting that child. Y want her x to introduce those other woman that he’s got children with so that their kids can grow up knowing each other, he feels that she want them to gang up on him.
He come’s once a week drop off to nursery and he think he’s parental duties are done, he said that their daughter can’t read and write and he’s God son is the same age as her and he can. Even if their daughter is in the hospital he doesn’t visit her, he complains when Y takes her on holiday. He doesn’t contribute to their daughter life his buy large expensive things for himself. Going forward I asked Y what she wants to see change, is she going to monitor him. She said that she doesn’t know how long this is going to last. Y said that somebody said that he need to love he’s child more that he hates Y. He wants to be friends but Y wants them to just parents to their daughter because she’s got a new partner. Their daughter likes her new partner and looks up to him as a dad and her x doesn’t like that, when her x visit their home he doesn’t stay when her new partner is there.
Y use to go to her x’s house and see him with deferent kind of women, and when Y was running late from work the nursery call him to come and pick her up he refuse to pick up he’s daughter. Y wants to move to another country and he’s threatening to take her to court. Y think that he speak before he think cause he doesn’t have time to look after he’s daughter for a week, he can only afford an hour.
When Y tells him that she’s going to have another baby, he told her that their daughter doesn’t need any more half brothers and sisters. Her xs advise her to have another child with him. He even ask her what she want and buy it, he’s now all over her cause she’s got a new person in her life. Martha had to lay out rules because he was accusing her that she’s letting her new partner to act like the dad. Y and her x have known each other from when they were young she thinks that’s the reason why her x act like a child himself. Y said that her x come back cause she took him for a child support , but he’s x said that he does support the child when they asked him to show documents he didn’t have any to show. For a home work I asked Y to speak to her x so that he understand that he’s going to do more as a dad and also set up task that are going to be done by her x for their daughter.