Following my intense passion for nursing I hereby wish to submit my application for a nursing program in your reputable institution. Since early youth my passion for this profession has been as a result of what nurses do.

Following my intense passion for nursing I hereby wish to submit my application for a nursing program in your reputable institution. Since early youth my passion for this profession has been as a result of what nurses do. The focus on the care for sick individuals families and communities to help them attain and maintain optimal health and quality life is my driving force towards this life transforming career. My parents and moreso my mother have been my role models in this career that I desire to undertake. My father is an internal medicine doctor while my mother is a nurse. Since my childhood I have watched my mother grow in this best rewarding profession from one stage to another. I have come to believe that it is the best career I can ever pursue because I have witnessed her work tirelessly as she help the people who are sick and need her help. From the many discussions I have had with her concerning her experience at work; I have learnt a lot that has made me develop a deep passion for nursing.
I have come across different life experiences that required me to be compassionate and offer medical assistance. There was a time that I had to do first aid on my younger sister who had been involved in a small accident while cutting vegetables. She had cut her index finger with the knife she was using. As I was the only person in the house I managed to clean the wound and dress it up before taking her to the nearest health center. I have also learnt the different aspects of life making it easy for me to advise people who are sick to overcome threats that face them such as possible death or disability. I have come to develop compassion for anyone who is not feeling well in that I do not struggle to comfort them and assist in any way I can. With these experiences I will make a difference in peoples lives every day and also help them elevate their morale.
I have also gained experience of working in a medical center where I have worked as a medical assistant since 2007. I worked in a Mount Sinai medical center for about two months a position that gave me a lot of experiences and made my passion to pursue nursing grow even more. While I worked there I took advantage of the many opportunities that were available for me to learn and acquire the basic skills in nursing. My duties were: providing comfort and hygiene to the patients administering injections and antibiotics according to the instructions of the doctor updating medical records carrying out therapeutic and diagnostic processes and procedures as instructed. Spending much face-to face time with patients enabled me to have a chance to interact with them and understand the different kinds of issues they face. This gave me much pleasure and more so ensuring that they were comfortable. I spent fulfilling moments in that center by helping patients in their recovery and overall well-being. Before this chance to work in Mount Sinai I used to work at private office for four and a half years. Through this opportunity I was able to develop organizational and decision making skills through the duties I used to perform on a daily basis.
I posses different personal qualities that will help me contribute to success in nursing. I am a young person aged 25 years who is diligent and determined to achieve the best results in everything I do. I am detailing in my work and I always strive to ensure that no stone is left unturned in all that I do. My patience to persevere challenges in life plus my sense of humor will help me to connect well with patients and give them a leaning shoulder to express their emotions. I have also the ability to think critically and make informed decisions depending on the situation at hand something that nurses do on a daily basis in their career. I will be able to evaluate different situations and make decisions that nurses use to know what the patient is suffering from before administering antibiotics.
I have the capability of working under a tight schedule without taking a rest or a break. I can work in shifts and I do not have preferences on the time of the day that I can work efficiently. I can work in any place that I may be required to work or transferred depending on the pressing needs that most often arises in this career. I am a detailed person who does not take any information for granted. I always keep records of everything I undertake if it will be required to be retrieved in the future. With this capability I will be able to live by the credo of the nursing profession whereby everything done on by or for the patient is documented. Lastly I am a neat and organized person who believes that proper hygiene should the first priority in everybodys life. With this I will be able to serve patients who require to be handled with a lot care and in a clean environment.
I have always had a passion for people to help them improve their health conditions. It is a satisfaction to me when sick people are treated well at health care centers and their quality of life improved. The contributions I will make in this field through my duties will give me internal satisfaction and motivate me to work hard to grow in my career. The extensive knowledge and skills I will get will improve my competencies in nursing which requires advanced and specialized credentials. I want to be part of the medical practitioners who work passionately to improve the health of individuals and that of the community as a whole. The desire that all human beings have is to enjoy good health which increases their life span; a basic need in life which can only be fulfilled through the quality services of medical practitioners. Through this profession that I am passionate about I will be able to reach out to as many people as possible and help them meet this basic need. I will also be able to interact with different people who need different assistance depending on their sicknesses.
I want to pursue this career as it will give me a chance to help in the fight against the life threatening ailments in the society like HIV and AIDS diabetes high blood pressure and cancer. The knowledge I will acquire will help me be of help the medics in solving the challenges of the life threatening ailments that have always been a problem in this field. The increased life complications and emerging health problems that human beings face in the recent world have made me want to be part of the solution that is yet to be found. I want to strive to achieve the best possible quality of life for the sick people in families and communities. My desire is to spend the rest of my life carrying out all aspects of a patients care. I also want to be part of the people who provide comfort and hygiene to the sick plan and administer injections to them update their medical records and diagnostic procedures and processes for their treatment.
I will welcome the chance to join the nursing program as a competent student who is open to new challenges and to learn. I will take maximum advantage of the knowledge offered through the entire program while I make my significant contributions as chances will allow. The knowledge I will attain will help me achieve the dream I have had since my youthful years of becoming a nurse. Through the skills I will also be of help to the sick people in families and the community as whole. I will also use my skills to contribute to the efforts being made in the medical field to find solutions to life threatening sicknesses. The sick people I will be able to help recover from their ailments will be part of the fulfilling life I desire to lead through nursing. Your positive considerations of my application to join the nursing program will be highly appreciated. Thanking in advance and looking forward to hearing from you.