For this assignment, put together a narrated PowerPoint Presentation covering the following topics:

1) Describe the purpose of Neuropsychological Assessment and give examples of its use

2) Describe a model of Neuropsychological Assessment that incorporates the development of the brain and the context

3) Describe the domains of functioning that Neuropsychological Assessment addresses, then choose one and give an example of how it is done

4) From the above example given, formulate 4 questions that can be used to assess that particular domain

5) Describe how to use the information gained from a Neuropsychological Assessment to make support recommendations and give an example

6) Research a specific case study where a Neuropsychological Assessment was used and describe it

Make sure that you include references and have a minimum of 6 to 8 slides (not including the title and reference). Include speakers notes for each slide. It is not necessary to use citations on your notes if you include them on the slide you are referencing.