For this preliminary draft, you will be writing this summary as an information technology consultant for a healthcare organization. The organization wants to learn more about a computerized CDSS for purchase. The CDSS you select for this project may be one you are familiar with and have used, or one from a vendor site that provides advanced nursing practice decision support in a healthcare managerial, administrative, research, or clinical area.

You may need to go to a nursing or patient care list of CDSSs on the Internet to find a CDSS for your project. If you use a CDSS that you have little familiarity or experience with, you should investigate the answers to the components of this preliminary draft.
Problem Description:
State the problem the computerized CDSS is being considered for or currently used to solve in the healthcare setting of your choice.
CDSS Functional Components and Structures:
This section should include the vendor name and link to the vendor’s website as well as the systems architecture / configuration and how it works.
Organization Utilization of CDSS
Healthcare Setting:
Identify the healthcare setting in which the CDSS is being used and list potential areas for expansion (type of setting, population served, size of the organization).
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Organizational Stakeholders:
State the organizational stakeholders who will purchase, influence, or champion the product’s implementation and ongoing support.