Good afternoon class,

I see inattentional blindness all around whether if it’s from other drivers pedestrians or even my toddlers. As I’ve experienced inattentional blindness before, it was during a time I was shopping at a store and usually when I am shopping I just throw stuff in my cart and pay more attention to what items are on the shelf then my cart itself. This particular time I was shopping I had my toddlers with me in the cart, one in the seating area and one in the back of the cart where we usually put items in. As I was shopping and putting stuff in my cart, I failed to realize my toddler was doing the same. I didn’t come to realize what all was in my cart until I got to the register and realized there was ten different bed sheet sets in the cart in all kinds of different sizes. The cashier and I realized at the same time what had happened and she laughed as I actually was surprised that I didn’t notice my cart until the last minute because usually I switch items in and out of my cart as I shop. It was a good laugh because of how ridiculous my shopping cart looked with different color, patterns and sizes of bed sheets I had all because of my 3 year old daughter putting them in there due to my inattentional blindness.

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