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1.     The nurse is preparing to administer total parenteral nutrition (TPN) 2000 mL over 24 hours through the central line. Calculate the rate mL/ hour. Show your work.


2.     The nurse notes black necrotic tissue on Mr. Jones’ wound. Which term should the nurse use when documenting this finding?

a.     ☐   Debridement

b.     ☐   Eschar

c.     ☐   Alginate

d.     ☐   Purulence

3.     The nurse is caring for a client with dyspnea resulting from pulmonary edema secondary to congestive heart failure. The health care provider is notified, and the nurse receives a verbal order for Lasix 40 mg STAT. Which action by the nurse is the most appropriate?

a.     ☐   Administer the medication immediately.

b.     ☐   Clarify the route for administration.

c.     ☐   Give the medication IV because the client is in distress and rapid effects are needed.

d.     ☐   Hold the medication until the prescriber comes to the unit to clarify the route and sign the order.

4.     When administering otic drops, which action by the nurse when pulling the pinna is the most appropriate?

a.     ☐   Down and back for the child under three years of age

b.     ☐   Down and back for the adult client

c.     ☐   Down and back for the child under five years of age

d.     ☐   Up and back for the child under three years of age


5.     The nurse is preparing to administer an intradermal medication. Which item will appear to indicate the medication was injected at the proper depth?

a.     ☐   Blister

b.     ☐   Diluent

c.     ☐   Pustule

d.     ☐   Wheal

6.     Which laboratory data indicates respiratory acidosis?

a.     ☐   pH 7.37, PaCO2 38, HCO3 25

b.     ☐   pH 7.47, PaCO2 48, HCO3 20

c.     ☐   pH 7.32, PaCO2 50, HCO3 22

d.     ☐   pH 7.33, PaCO2 35, HCO3 20


7.     Which laboratory data indicates metabolic acidosis?

a.     ☐   pH 7.15, PaCO2 30, HCO3 10

b.     ☐   pH 7.55, PaCO2 38, HCO3 10

c.     ☐   pH 7.25, PaCO2 49, HCO3 27

d.     ☐   pH 7.35, PaCO2 38, HCO3 22

8.     The client is to receive medication via the sublingual route. Which action by the nurse is appropriate?

a.     ☐   Crushing the medication before administration.

b.     ☐   Offering the client a glass of orange juice after administration.

c.     ☐   Placing the medication under the tongue.

d.     ☐   Using a sterile technique to administer the medication.

9.  An obese client has an order for medication for nausea.  The medication is to be given using the intramuscular route. Which one of the following needles should be used?

a.     ☐   22 gauge, 1 1/2inch.

b.     ☐   20 gauge, 1 inch.

c.     ☐   18 gauge, 1 inch.

d.     ☐   23 gauge, 1 inch.


10.  Which site is preferred for administering intramuscular injections? 

a.     ☐   Vastus lateralis

b.     ☐   Gluteus maximus

c.     ☐   Deltoid

d.     ☐   Ventrogluteal


 11.  You have been exposed to blood or body fluid through an accidental needle stick. Your first action is to:

a.     ☐   Complete an unusual occurrence form (quantros) and notify the charge nurse.

b.     ☐   Cover the site with a sterile dressing and see a physician immediately.

c.     ☐   Immediately cleanse the site with Betadine for 10 minutes.

d.     ☐   Express blood from the site and scrub with soap and water.


12.  The reason for not massaging the site following an SQ heparin or Low Molecular Weight Heparin injection is to:

a.     ☐   Prevent rapid absorption of the medication.

b.     ☐   Maintain the medication in Sub Q tissue.

c.     ☐   Prevent tissue damage.

d.     ☐   Prevent tracking medication onto the skin.


13.     The nurse needs to deliver the highest concentration of oxygen (95% to 100%). Which type of oxygen delivery device should the nurse choose?

a.     ☐   Face mask

b.     ☐   Nasal cannula

c.     ☐   Partial rebreather mask

d.     ☐   Nonrebreather mask


14.  When putting on sterile gloves, the most important concept to remember is to keep both gloves in _____________ of you and above your _____________.


15.  When cleansing the skin under a drain site, you use a  circular motion, moving from the __________ of the drain site to the __________ of the wound.



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