Great articlewhich are some of thebenefitsof doing a pilotstudy over a full research study in the area of thearticleselected? Please provide some examplesas to why the benefits mentioned are worth mentioning.

2 A pilot study can be defined as a preliminary study done on a small scale in order to establish the cost feasibility adverse events and other factors that help the researcher know the way to go on a larger research project(Polit & Beck 2008). Subsequently such studies are ill suited to be used as cases studies. In a nutshell a pilot study is conducted to establish the feasibility of the same research project on a larger scale (Polit & Beck 2008).
Radhakrishnan K. Roche J. P. & Cunningham H. (2007). Measuring clinical practice parameters with human patient simulation: A pilot study. International Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship 4(1).
The above article is an example of a nursing pilot study. Reading through the article it would be right to indeed discern that it is a pilot study therefore the label pilot study’ in this study has not been used inappropriately. The pilot study attempts to identify the nursing clinical practice parameters that HPS influences (Human Patient Simulators which are mannequins that are electronically controlled and used as patient models)(Radhakrishnan Roche & Cunningham 2007). The study attempting to research on a topic as broad as that would have been expected to sample a larger pool of participants. The authors however conduct their research by evaluating only 12 senior second degree BSN students(Radhakrishnan Roche & Cunningham 2007). This shows that the study is kind of as mock research to be used by the researchers as a platform to conduct an even bigger research. These are characteristics of a pilot study.
The authors also indicate in their abstract that they recommend the replication of their study albeit with a larger sample(Radhakrishnan Roche & Cunningham 2007). This is an indication that this research is done on a small scale and requires the same procedure to be carried out on a larger scale. These are characteristics of a pilot study meaning the term pilot study was indeed used appropriately by the authors.
Pilot study
3- A pilot study represents a critical part of an ongoing research. This study investigates the means through which the gap between nursing research and practical implementation of the study can be reduced. This study investigates the link between the current developments in practice and the front line nurses. This pilot study therefore has been appropriately title since it examines the feasibility of use of nursing research prior to its extensive use.
The journal was published as a full-scale study that comprised of research that was carried out with all the documentations that were done during the entire study that included the questionnaires and interview schedules for the participants. The study was aimed at developing an understanding of the source process and use of information generated from nursing research and determining the feasibility of the qualitative study prior to implementing and role playing in a health care set up.
The study outlines the significance of pilot studies in conducting and recording qualitative competent research for integration with the health care culture. This pilot study is a qualitative paradigm that explores the design and effects of the consequent implementations of the confirmatory study. The study identified the major issues that could influence the confirmatory studys outcome enabling their expeditious address.
The transition of knowledge gained through observation and experiments into clinical practices will enable the progressive advances in clinical trials to be extensively used for implementing strategies in nursing care. The preliminary report gathered will enable subsequent studies and provide support for poorly researched proposals.