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The big part that COVID-19 outbreak had on the pandemic is being in areas with alot of high traffic and places where it was over populated. Being that people who are in “lower or poorer” socioeconomic status ate those who love in areas of highly impacted places. People who usually have a house hold that holds 3-5 people live with sharing rooms and multiple families in it. Since these families are so close together in distance of living they were more separable and easily spread the disease to others. It is a really sad concept to think about that, just because you can afford to live in places that are not as overly populated, that they automatically got Covid-19 virus.

The CDC made it very clear ab it it how the outbreak was spreading and encouraged others to stay in doors, do light exercise outside for fresh air, but stressed the fact that they should not go in places that have high population and high amounts of traffic, to wear your mask and to wash hands regularly, do not tough eyes, mouth or nose. Those different routines or methods were apart of CQI in helping prevent the spread of germs and Illnesses to others .

www CDC.gov

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