Hello May I have help with these questions please.
1. What is the difference between inserting an indwelling urinary catheter and a straight urinary catheter?

2. What is the main reason for inserting an indwelling urinary catheter?

3. How will a nurse know when the urinary catheter is in the correct place?

4. After preparing a patient to discontinue an indwelling urinary catheter, what is the nurse’s next step?

5. Name three reasons why a health care provider will consider inserting a tracheostomy tube

6. Name two reasons why a nurse would need to suction a client with a tracheostomy.

7. What is the purpose for inserting an nasogastric tube for a client with a bowel obstruction?

8. Prior to inserting a nasogastric tube what should the nurse measure to determine the appropriate length of the tubing to insert?

9. What are some complications of improper insertion techniques of a nasogastric tube