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This data quality assessment resource is specific to mobile community-based health information systems (CBHIS). The mobile CBHIS data quality guidelines aid in the design and implementation of a mobile data collection system. The toolkit includes two checklists to assess mobile data collection forms, systems, feedback loops, and motivation practices. It can be used by both mobile developers and community-based program implementers to inform design and implementation; assess mobile CBHIS; develop and implement an action plan with correction measures; and monitor capacity and improvements in performance. The toolkit also includes guidance on adapting a community trace and verify tool to confirm that individuals who are reported as have been provided with services have actually received them. (HOME HEALTH AGENCY/NURSING) 

  • Routine monitoring
  • Ad hoc or targeted assessment
  • Subnational
  • Facility or community
  • HIS governance and leadership
  • HIS management
  • Data sources
  • Data management
  • Information products and dissemination
  • Data quality
  • Quantitative
  • Specific to community health information systems (CHIS)



  • 1) Using the tool, assess the organization to the best of your capability. (info above)
  • 2) Provide a summary of your evaluation. (info above)
  • 3) Next, select one standard from the American Nurses Informatics Association and determine the alignment of the organization based on the evaluation information you gathered using the assessment tool.
  • 4) Provide two Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) aligned recommendations for the organization to use for improvement of the present health information system.
  • 5) What data would you use from the evaluation to support or not support alignment with the standard?