How Does Cell phone Influence People?s Lives?The use of cell phone has greatly affected our lives and day-to-day activities. It has affected people?s lives in both negative and positive ways. Research has been carried to determine the influence of the use of cell phones on people, their lives and their health.


Name:Course:Instructor:Date:How Does Cell phone Influence People?s Lives?The use of cell phone has greatly affected our lives and day-to-day activities. It has affected people?s lives in both negative and positive ways. Research has been carried to determine the influence of the use of cell phones on people, their lives and their health. Cell phones especially have an effect on the youth. Cell phone use improves learning. Some teachers use cell phones to teach. Tis in cases where the teachers are in rural areas, where internet access is not easy. As cell phones can access the internet more easily as compared to computers, teachers opt to use them. Therefore, teaching is enhanced. Cell phone use has also become more appealing to teachers, as the purchasing and maintaining of computers is expensive. Cell phones are also more portable than laptops. Cell phone use would enhance the learning of students, as they can learn from wherever they are. However, cell phone use also deters learning. Most schools prohibit the use of cell phones during class time or while in school. Tis because teachers claim the use of cell phones interrupt learning. When cell phones ring during class time, they distract the class and the entire learning process. They can also distract the students who are using them during lectures, as the student concentrates more on the phone than on the lecture. Some students also use cell phones to cheat in exams, through messages and internet by the cell phone (Gopnik 23).The use of cell phones affects a person?s social life. Cell phones can either construct or break a person?s social life. Many people use cell phones to communicate with their friends and family. This, in turn, strengthens those relationships because the individuals are constantly sharing their experiences with their loved ones. Tcould especially be constructive in cases of long distances. Some people are in long distance courtships. They use cell phones to communicate with their spouses and, therefore, strengthen their bond. Research also shows that many young people see the use of cell phones as a way of enhancing inclusion in their social life.Tis because they can communicate with their friends at any time. On the other hand, the use of cell phone can break a person?s relationship with others. In a research, many people said they would stop what they were doing to attend to a ringing cell. Twould include activities with family and friends. Others also concentrate and spend too much time on the cell phones, thereby spending less time with loved ones. In such cases, it could break relationships with family and friends, since the person seems to have less interest in them. They also concentrate too much on their activities on the phones, than on their relationships (Walsh, White and Young 194).Cell phones can be used for safety purposes. When in danger or during emergencies, one can easily call for help through a cell phone. In such cases, it ensuimmediate help or easy communication for help. In a research conducted, parents also reported that they gave their children cell phones for security purposes. Tcould also be an easier way to communicate to loved ones when something has happened. Teachers stated that research could be easily accessed through cell phones in the case of an emergency. However, cell phones could also put people in danger and lead to an accident, for example, people who use cell phones while driving.Tcould lead to accidents, as it distracts the person from driving. The use of cell phone enables one to know about what is happening in the nation and world. People communicate to each other at the emergence of important news. One can also receive news from the media by cell phone messages. Tcould also be through the internet, which has been provided in phones. Hence, one is able to keep track of news around the nation and the world, even in places where someone cannot access television. However, the use of cell phones rampantly, at the same area, could affect the communication system and break it down. Tmakes communication impossible. In the case of a crisis, tcould be dangerous, as communication about the crisis is rendered impossible.Pregnant women have been discouraged from the use of cell phones, as the effect they could have on the unborn children is not yet clear. A research showed that the use of cell by pregnant women could affect the child?s health. Some defects in children were associated with cell phone use, by the mothers, while they were pregnant with the children. On the other hand, tis not clear, as the effects could have been caused by other reasons. Through the cell phone, the woman can also be able to communicate, in case there is any communication, or if she is about to give birth.Internet access of might be harmful. The use of cell phones also gives us access to the internet. Internet access might be harmful to children, since it gives them access to materials that are harmful to mentally, for example, pornography. Pornography is easily accessible through the internet. Some children also post in decent pictures. In a research, teachers said that another reason they had banned the use of cell phones in schools was that some students uploaded indecent pictuof themselves in the internet. Internet access is also harmful to adults. Private information can be accessed by intruders in emails and chat groups (Thaden 10).Tcould lead to damage to a business or a person?s life. False information is also passed through the internet, hence misleading people. On the other hand, internet gives other people access to your business hence promoting it. People and companies advertise their businesses through websites and chat groups. People can access thwebsites through cell phones, hence resulting to the success and growth of a business. The use of cell phones is a way for businesses to operate. Such operations include, communicating to their clients, when setting up meetings and while running their day-to-day activities, for example, supplying, selling and purchasing of products.Youths have been the most affected in cell phone use, for example, a research showed young drivers are more likely to use cell phones while driving, as compared to older ones. Research has also shown that people are conforming to some form of addiction to their cell phones. Many people frequently check their cell phones for missed. People will also keep the cell phone near them even when not using it. Anxiety, unhealthy behaviors and depression have also been associated with cell phone use.Work CitedGopnik, Adam. How the Internet gets inside us. The New Yorker, 14 Feb. 2011. Web. 29 May 29, 2012 Frontline, 2010. Film