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Though the clinical setting is one that continues to be enhanced and improved, there are still clinical practice problems and issues that continue to exist and surface. Such problems and issues may vary depending on the facility, but many are also shared. Two clinical issues that I would like to highlight are the following: infection prevention and patient falls. These clinical issues are tied with the major ongoing problem of nurse shortage. Infection prevention are indicated to be clinical issues in nursing practice as many patients may come in with infections, but also that many patients get infections while being treated. Courtenay describes the important role nurses play in infection prevention and treatment (Courtenay, 1998). Connecting this to nurse shortage, it has been found that with the lack of nursing staff, it is more difficult to prevent infections as patients are not able to be thoroughly treated. The second issue of patient falls is also a clinical issue as patient falls are more than just a simple happening that occurs. When patients fall, it is dangerous as it may lead to great physical damage–at times, ones that lead to irreversible effects. An article states that in order to prevent patient falls, “A patient care plan including current and accurate fall risk status with associated tailored and feasible interventions needs to be easily and immediately accessible to all stakeholders.” (Dykes, Carroll, Hurley & Benoit, 2009). The second step after this is to ensure that stakeholders use such information, in addition to their own knowledge and skills and patient and hospital resources, to carry out the plan. However, once again, going back to the problem of nurse shortage, it is not always so easy. It is difficult to monitor each and every patient in the facility, and preventing falls before they occur prove to be more difficult than expected, making it an ongoing clinical issue.