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Although the importance of implementing evidence-based practice and how it can improve the quality of care and patient outcomes, it is often seen difficult to implement in everyday practice due to various barriers. Even with proven evidence-based approaches, it is hard to implement on actual patient case and practice because it is often complex and takes longer process due to many factors (Pitsillidou et al., 2021). According to Pitsillidou et al. (2021), factors such as organization’s readiness, awareness of information and actual knowledge, access to resources, organizational culture, time period, all these factors affect the ability of implementing evidence-based practice within the actual practice. Another factor that influences evidence-based practice implementation is the nurses’ education and work experience (Pitsillidou et al., 2021). More experienced nurses and nurses with higher degrees showed higher intention to apply the evidence-based practice. According to Alqahtani et al. (2022), implementation of evidence-based practice is limited due to insufficiency of facilities, time, resources, support, skills and knowledge, autonomy, funding etc. Because of these factors, nurses have trouble implementing evidence-based practice for clinical decisions.

First of all, to address nurses’ ability and readiness for implementing evidence-based practice in real patient case, it is important for organizations to equip them with good knowledge and skills by engaging them with activities, workshops, discussions to address evidence-based practice. With this being implemented, nurses will have better understanding and idea of evidence-based practice and will be able to put them into action because they have more knowledge. Another important suggestion could be improving organization and leadership support. When evidence-based practice comes into play in actual patient care, nurses need support and resources to actually put those practice into actual patient care. By recognizing and providing necessary support and resources, it can help nurses when implementing evidence-based practice.