Informatics has provided multiple avenues for APNs to improve their practice. Identify one electronic source that can help you prescribe medications. Name the source and explain why this will be helpful to you in the clinical setting.

Informatics has provided multiple avenues for APNs to improve their practice. Identify one electronic source that can help you prescribe medications. Name the source and explain why this will be helpful to you in the clinical setting. List the types of information this resource provides and its limitations. Is there a cost associated with its use? If so does the cost seem reasonable? Discuss the limitations if any the program has. Discuss why this program seems useful for you.
The unit will be delivered as follows:
9 x 1 hour facetoface lectures (weeks 1 to 10)
3 x 1 hour online prerecorded lectures (weeks 11 to 13)
11 x 1 hour facetoface tutorials (weeks 2 to 13)
The unit will also include a series of online activities. However these are not compulsory
and nonassessable items.
Please refer to the Weekly Reading and Tutorial Program available on vUWS for a
week by week breakdown of readings online activities and tutorial questions for this
Students are expected to attend all facetoface lectures and tutorials and to participate
actively in all class activities including online activities. Failure to do so may seriously
undermine a students ability to complete the unit satisfactorily. Attendance records
may be consulted in the assessment of any requests for extensions or Special
Consideration. You should advise the Unit Coordinator or your tutor if you are unable to
attend a tutorial due to illness or misadventure.
This unit is worth 10 credit points indicating that success in the unit requires at least 10
hours work per week. Two hours will be lecture/tutorial time one hour will be online
activities and the remaining 7 hours should be devoted to reading and study
assessment preparation and revision. In this unit you will need to devote much of this
time to reading the set reading materials.
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There is no set textbook for this unit. A detailed reading list will be made available on
Set readings for each week of the learning program are listed in the table entitled Unit
Weekly Schedule and in the Weekly Reading and Tutorial Program. The set readings are
in electronic form and available from the units homepage on vUWS. The additional
readings listed in the Weekly Tutorial Program can be located by searching for
them in the library catalogue. If you have any difficulties locating the additional readings
please seek assistance from the library staff.
Other Resources
Key weblinks:
Weblinks to resources related to the assessment tasks and to your broader learning
objectives are available from the units homepage on vUWS.
The referencing requirement for units in Social Science is the Harvard style. Full details
on the Harvard style of referencing can be found at:

Click to access cite_Harvard.pdf

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SECTION TWO: Assessment Information
Course Outcomes Click on this link to see the courselevel learning outcomes (or graduate attributes)
you need to have attained when you graduate:
Unit Outcomes
On completion of this unit students will be able to:
1. Summarise the relevant multidisciplinary literature relating to juvenile
crime patterns of offending and the impacts of societal responses to
young people;
2. Assess social and political forces that have shaped governmental responses
to juvenile crime worldwide;
3. Analyse discourses and practices used to control and prevent juvenile crime
in Australia;
4. Evaluate criminal justice interventions for working with young people
committing crimes in Australia.
5. Write effectively using writing styles commonly used in criminal justice
Unit to Course This unit and its unit outcomes relate to the learning outcomes of the course as
shown in the relevant Table of the Course Outcomes link above.
Assessment Assessment Overview:
Assessment Worth Length Outcomes Threshold
1 Essay 40% 1500 words 2 3 4 Yes
2 Professional Task
(Briefing Paper)
30% 1000 words 1 2 5 Yes
3 Poster with explanation 30% 500 words 2 3 Yes
**All the assessment items in this unit are compulsory and must be submitted
before you are eligible to pass the unit regardless of how many marks you
accumulate. In addition to pass this unit you must obtain a minimum overall
mark of 50% aggregated across all weighted assessments.
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A1 Assessment Essay (1500 words +/ 10%) Worth: 40%
A1 Due Before 11:59pm on Monday 28 March 2016
A1 Submission
Online submission only. Students must submit using Turnitin on vUWS. Hardcopies will NOT be
accepted. Emailed assessments will NOT be accepted. You will be able to locate the submission link
on vUWS by navigating to the Assessments tab then clicking on the Assessment 1: Essay folder on
By submitting your assignment to Turnitin you will be certifying that:
You hold a copy of this assignment if the original is lost or damaged;
No part of this assignment has been copied from any other students work or from any other
source except where due acknowledgement is made in the assignment;
No part of the assignment has been written for you by any other person/s;
You have complied with the specified word length for this assignment;
You are aware that this work may be reproduced and submitted to plagiarism detection
software programs for the purpose of detecting possible plagiarism (which may retain a copy
on its database for future plagiarism checking).
Further Information on using Turnitin for submissions are available online at:
Is this assessment compulsory?
Yes. All weighted assessments in the unit must be attempted regardless of overall accumulated marks.
What if I fail to submit by the due date and time?
If the assessment is submitted (without an approved extension) after the due date and time it
will attract a late penalty of 10% of what the assessment is worth per day (including
weekends) up to a maximum of 10 days at which time the penalty will be 100% of what the
assessment is worth.
Assessments will not be accepted after the marked assessment task has been returned to
students who submitted the task on time.
Should illness or misadventure prevent you from completing the Annotated Bibliography
please see section on Extension Special Consideration and late penalties in the attached
What if I encounter technical problems when trying to submit online?