J.G. is a 34-year-old P1G1 (para 1, gravida 1) woman who underwent an emergency cesarean delivery after a prolonged labor, during which she exhibited a sudden change in neurologic functioning and started seizing. Since that time, she has experienced 3 tonic-clonic (grand mal) seizures. She was diagnosed as having a basal ganglion hematoma with infarct and was started on phenytoin. Post-delivery, J.G. demonstrated dyskinesia, resulting in frequent falls during ambulation. Once the seizure disorder appeared to be under control, she was transferred to a rehabilitation facility for evaluation and 2 weeks of intensive physical therapy (PT). She is now home, where she is doing well but still has occasional falls and is receiving PT 3 times a week in her home. She remains on phenytoin and has had no seizures since her release from the rehabilitation facility. As the nurse case manager (CM) for J.G.’s health maintenance organization (HMO), you make a home visit yo see the patient and her family for evaluation of long-term, follow-up (F/U) care.


SBAR report on the clinical patient,if the description in the Alternate Clinical Assignment does not address the information that would be needed for the SBAR