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When providing good quality and safe patient care, interprofessional collaboration is necessary in that aspect. Nurse typically do not work without the collaboration of other members on the team. However, the collaboration should be done efficiently and effectively with other health care professionals. “Interprofessional collaboration refers to the establishment of a mutually respectful professional relationship that recognizes the unique knowledge and skills of both the nurse and physician and has the expressed goal of promoting high-quality patient care—in particular patient-centered care—and maximizing patient outcomes” (Woten, 2018). When it is necessary for a patient to transition, it Is important to make sure that the healthcare team work together and communicate well regarding the patient’s needs. In this week’s lesson, we learn that “Communication skills with patients and families are one our most valuable tools in assisting with recovery and quality of care” (Chamberlain College of Nursing, 2021). When it’s time for a patient to transition, it is important that nurses keep an open communication with the patient and family as well as the nursing care team. The role of the nurse in patient transitions is providing the patient and their family with information, education, and emotional support. As the primary advocate for patients, we must ensure they are receiving the proper care and that we are collaborating with the other team members to treat our patients holistically. “Professionals must appreciate and consider the unique perspectives that other professions bring to patient care, and demonstrate accountability, communication skills, cooperative behavior, assertiveness, respect, autonomy, and mutual trust” (Woten, 2018). The gaps that I can identify when it comes to quality of care is that if there is poor communication between the team members, then we are doing a disservice to our patients. When sharing information with other members of your team, it is important that they are understanding all the vital information you have provided because crucial patient information is missed because proper communication and interprofessional collaboration was lacking.As nurses, it is our duty to attempt to eliminate these critical issues, especially during patient transitions.


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