Nursing interventions in patients with mental disorders


Describes the following:


  1. Five (5) effective communication therapeutic techniques in the management of patients with mental health problems.


  1. Five (5) non-therapeutic techniques of effective communication in the management of patients with mental health problems.


  1. Describes the risk factors that affect the care environment when offering services to mental health and psychiatry patients.


  1. Explains nursing interventions in the safe management of patients in nonviolent crisis.


  1. Identifies cultural barriers that may affect the care and treatment of patients.


Considering the changes and inclusion of technology in health services, answer the following questions. Must be written in at least one paragraph of 10 complete sentences. Remember to  include references.


  1. What is the impact of the implementation of technology for health services?
  2. Explains the benefits of the electronic medical record in the treatment of patients.
  3. Describes the importance and purpose of the “Health Information Technology for Economic Clinical Health” (HITECH) Act of 2009.



Etiology Subjective  and objective symptoms




posttraumatic stress



obsessive-compulsive stress






substance abuse