Outline the health education you as a nurse will provide the interviewee
which will help them to achieve their second SMART goal, and therefore address
their second priority. Provide a detailed education plan that incorporates a health
behaviour theory and contains specific information about the exact education
you will provide (e.g., What exactly will you say to the interviewee?
How/where/why it will be conducted? What equipment will be required? What
legal and ethical matters will you need to consider? How will the education be
evaluated?). The content of the education plan will need to be specific, detailed,
and relevant to the person you are interviewing. It will need to contain more than
generalised statements such as “provide brochures” or “educate them about
their medication” or “direct them to a website” or “refer them to a
physiotherapist”. pt is a male with type 2 diabetes and the goal is “For the next 4 weeks, I will go to the gym for 1 hour for 3 days each week to see if it makes change in my sugar level”.
The health behaviour theory that will be incorporated in the education plan for pal is the transtheoretical model(TTM),