Patient Safety (Links to Websites Available in Modules)
Read the Institute of Medicine’s To Err is Human
Review The Joint Commission’s Core Measures
Review The Joint Commission’s 2024 Hospital National Patient Safety Goals
Review Florida’s Nurse Practice Act
After reading and reviewing the above sources, please answer all the following questions:
In To Err Is Human, the summary of the report published in 1999 stated that between 44,000 and 98,000 patient dies in hospitals each year. Were you alarmed by this number?
Per the report, what is the cause of these deaths?
Do all hospitals have to follow the Joint Commissions’ Core Measures and National Patient Safety Goals? Support your yes or no answer with evidence.
Using the Joint Commission’s Core Measure, what guidelines can a nurse check for in a patient’s chart to determine if the attending physician is following the Core Measures for Cardiac Care? Please list the measures that should appear in the patient’s chart?
Using the Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety Goals, what steps can a nurse take to ensure that he or she does not commit a medication error? Please list the steps.
According to Florida’s Nurse Practice Act, what would happen to a RN who witnessed another nurse committing a medication error but did not report the infraction?