Plan nursing care o Provide a relevant nursing goal and justify the goal (explain why it is relevant to the issue) using appropriate evidence or policies.

Written assignment: “Nursing Process applied to a Family” 2,000 words Weighting: 40 % Aim: The aim of this written assessment item is to apply the nursing process in providing family centred care. When an infant, young child or adolescent experiences a health or social issue, the issue can impact upon all family members. Nurses working in acute care and community settings need to understand the functioning of the family unit so they can care for and assist the whole family. This written assignment addresses course learning outcomes 2 and 3: 2. Demonstrate an understanding of the functioning of the family unit using family assessment models that enable families to make health decisions; 3. Plan and evaluate evidence-based nursing for families across the lifespan. Instructions: This 2000 word written assignment has two distinct parts that you should address separately. Please use headings for each part. You do not need to provide an introduction or a conclusion for the written assignment or any of the parts. There are two family scenarios for you to choose from; select ONE scenario and use this for your entire assignment. Part 1 – Nursing Care of the Family: Assessment (500 words) • Create a genogram to visually depict the family’s structure. You must use the PowerPoint slide which will be supplied to you within the Assessment Folder on Learning@Griffith course site to create your genogram. Save the slide as a picture file (*.jpeg), and insert the picture into your document. • Below the genogram, summarise the structure of the family to demonstrate your understanding of the family assessment findings. • Use the Australian Family Strengths Nursing Assessment Guide (AFSNAG) to identify and briefly describe two (2) strengths of the family you are assessing. 2 Part 2 – Nursing Care of the Family: Planning, Implementing and Evaluating (1,500 words) • Select two (2) issues/challenges for the family or a member of the family you have selected. These issues may be identified by the nurse, family or both. These can be health, social, or developmental family issues/challenges e.g., breastfeeding, social isolation, transition to parenting; they should not be ‘medical’ issues e.g., diabetes, high blood pressure. • For each issue/challenge identified in the family assessment (allow approximately 750 words per issue): a) Describe the issue o Use appropriate evidence from scholarly literature to describe the issue and discuss what is known about the issue/challenge. b) Plan nursing care o Provide a relevant nursing goal and justify the goal (explain why it is relevant to the issue) using appropriate evidence or policies. c) Implement nursing care o Outline one nursing intervention that supports the family to achieve the goal. Each nursing intervention should be supplemented by the recommendation of an existing online resource for the family and an appropriate referral. d) Evaluate nursing care o Describe how you would evaluate the effectiveness of the intervention to address whether it met the planned goal of care.