Providing person-centered care involves establishing a caring relationship with an individual and communicating effectively. Thinking about your clinical or simulation day, how did you establish a caring relationship with a patient, client, family member, group, or simulated patient? What type of communication techniques did you use? How effective was your relationship and communication?
This week I was in the Neuro ICU and had a patient with a brain tumor who had expressive aphgsia so it was very difficult for me to communicate with him at first. But as the day went on I expanded my knowledge in this area and was able to implement many different communication styles based on what I was asking this included; gestures, writing, yes and no questions and lots of praise to help ease his frustration with the situation. By the end of the shift we had it down to what seemed like a science and I think we both overall had the best experience possible and this really helped me create a relantionship with the patient.